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Challenger Construction Corp. is an erosion control and seeding company centrally located in Wichita, Kansas. Our central, Midwestern location gives us the ability to mobilize to anywhere in the US giving our customers a competitive price. We specialize in environmental contracting, re-vegetation services, and erosion control throughout North America.

What makes us different? Our success is contributed to our professionalism, expertise, and passion for our industry. From the pre-bid, consulting, submittals and scheduling, to placing the work…we speak your language. We know the importance of good communication. This is why we are the hydroseeding industry leader in our field.


Challenger Construction has a rich background of experience in several different industries across the business. From working on military bases to strip and pit mining, Challenger Construction has done it all, and will always provide the equipment, skills, and knowledge to any landscaping construction job that they can do for you. They never back down from a challenge.

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