Industries We Serve Overview

Industries We Serve Overview

Experienced In Revegetation Processes for Every Type of Industry

Challenger Construction has a rich background of experience in several different industries across the business. From working on military bases to strip and pit mining, Challenger Construction has done it all, and will always provide the equipment, skills, and knowledge to any landscaping construction job that they can do for you. They never back down from a challenge.


Types of Industries Served:


US Army Corp of Engineers, Armed Forces and Military Bases, Wildlife and Parks, EPA

Departments of Transportation


Athletic Fields

Turf Establishment


Wind Farm, Solar Fields, Oil and Natural Gas, Nuclear, Pump Stations, Transmission Lines


Construction and Solid Waste

Oil/Gas Field

Refinery, Midstream, Pump Stations, Basin Platforms, Containment Ponds


Strip or Pit

Commercial and Industrial Sites

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