Hay and Straw Mulching

Hay and Straw Mulching

After the dry seeding process has finished on any project, hay and straw mulching are the solution for making the entire purpose of the seeding process as affective as possible. Using specialty equipment, Challenger Construction mechanically crimps hay and straw into the ground around a seeding project to ensure moisture retention for the soil, making seeds far less likely to dry out.

The protection provided from this hay and straw mulching mulching service is why Challenger Construction’s dry seeding methods are so effective. Aside from moisture retention in the soil, the hay and straw mulch combination also insulates the ground for quality growth, all while providing a layer of erosion control.

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Your Mulching Experts

The success of any seeding project depends on soil, conditions, and how well the seedlings are protected from the elements and wildlife. Another factor that is even more important is maintaining adequate moisture long enough for the seeds to germinate. Mulching is the very best thing you can do on a project to provide ideal conditions for excellent growth.

By spreading or blowing mulch on a seeded project we provide a layer of protection for the newly planted seedbed. To keep that mulch in place we mechanically push the strands of hay or straw into the soil with a machine called a straw crimper. To go another step further, Challenger also offers straw tack that can be applied after the crimping process.

Either by hydroseeding/hydromulching or traditional mulching with straw or hay, you are providing the right conditions for a successful seeding project. Challenger has the specialized equipment and knowhow to mulch any job, anywhere. We also produce our own hay mulch for our projects. This ensures a high level of quality control so you know what type of mulch you are getting on your project.

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