Silt Fencing Installation

Silt Fencing Installation

You’ve seen them on probably every terrain construction project that you’ve seen and not thought too much of it, but there’s much more to these black fabric fence that most of the public realize. These silt fences serve an important purpose in keeping a project contained and controlled. Because of the way that the silt fences are mechanically plowed into the ground around a job site, silt and sediment are prevented from naturally leaving a job site. Challenger Construction provides quality silt fencing installation that will contain the sediment of the largest of projects, ensuring that all their work follows EPA standards.

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Almost every urban construction site, and most other rural mass grading sites have some type of perimeter erosion control measure in place. Silt fence is probably the most common type of construction perimeter control utilized in the United States. The fence system is typically used in combination with rock check dams, sediment basins, biodegradeable logs, as well as erosion control blankets which are designed to retain sediment in place where soil is being disturbed by construction equipment. The purpose of silt fence is to contain any and all sediment that may potentially leave the site after a rain event.

At Challenger we install all types of silt fence systems:

  • Wood post
  • Steel t-post
  • Composite
  • Heavy fabric
  • Super silt fence (wire backed) systems are in our standard arsenal.

It doesn’t matter what specification you have, Challenger can meet your perimeter control needs.

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